FAQs: Post-Bac Study at UO

Understanding the nature of post-bac study at UO

How long does it take to finish post-bac study?
It depends. UO does not provide a fixed course of study. Whether you’re interested in one course or many, many more, talk to a Health Professions Program advisor to develop a plan that meets your goals.

Do post-bac students take classes with undergrads?

What classes do I take as a UO post-bac student?
Again, it depends. Some students need to take all the science foundation coursework required for graduate school admission, which could take more than two years. Other students have already completed science prerequisites and are more interested in upper-division science courses to enhance their applications.

How much does post-bac study cost?
Post-bac students pay undergraduate tuition and fees, which can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Does your program give students a certificate upon completion?

Is financial aid available?
To find out more information about financial aid eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Is UO’s post-bac program only for pre-med students?
No. Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree and would like to complete additional undergraduate courses is able to become a post-bac student at UO. We see post-bac students pursuing a variety of health professions: pre-PT, pre-OT, pre-PA and pre-nursing are a few examples.

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Becoming a competitive applicant to health-related graduate programs

How many UO post-bac students get accepted to medical school?
Gathering post-bac application information is tricky because students are independently pursuing their goals. Anecdotally, we know that students using the HPP resources have a high matriculation success. Many qualified students who have worked with HPP advisors go on to apply and get accepted to medical school and other health graduate programs all over the country.

Does the UO offer classes that help prepare a student for the MCAT?
Yes. UO offers undergraduate foundational science and behavioral science classes that cover the content of the MCAT. Additionally, a non-credit, faculty-taught MCAT prep course is offered every winter (NOTE: not offered winter 2020, tentatively scheduled for winter 2021) for a separate fee.

What resources are available through the Health Professions Program?
Quite a lot!

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Applying to UO as a post-bac student

Are there any admission requirements for post-bac studies?
UO has only two requirements: a bachelor’s degree and at least a 2.0 GPA.

How would I go about applying to become a post-bac student?
See the Admissions Office website for application information and forms. If you have questions about the forms, call the Admissions Office at 1-800-BE A DUCK.

What’s the deadline to apply to the University of Oregon as a post-bac student?
The post-bac application deadline is 30 days before the term in which you’d like to start. In most cases, we highly encourage post-bac students to apply in April for fall term admission because this timing is advantageous for course registration.

How is the post-bac program structured at UO?
Because UO post-bac study is unstructured, students connect with Health Professions Program Advisors to develop plans that meet their unique goals.

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