Meeting with an advisor in the Health Professions Program can help you sort out career options and plan ways to enrich your academic work by engaging in career-related experiences, both on and off campus.

Careers in health-related fields usually require academic work beyond bachelor degrees. These graduate programs are interested in applicants who have earned solid grades in particular coursework and have gained practical knowledge and experience through internships, undergraduate research, or job shadowing. HPP advisors can help you locate these enriching opportunities.

You don’t need to have already declared a major before visiting a health professions advisor. From the time you step on campus, HPP advisors are available to discuss UO graduation requirements and to explore majors that align with your academic strengths and career interests. Once you have selected a major, you can take advantage of having two campus advisors—your departmental advisor who helps you stay on track for completing your degree and your HPP advisor who provides additional guidance in preparing for occupations that fit with your personal values and professional aspirations.

Advisors can help with…

  • Charting your coursework
  • Connecting you with your community
  • Locating enhancing experiences
  • Finding research opportunities
  • Securing faculty references
  • Preparing for the GRE or MCAT
  • Completing graduate school applications
  • Preparing for graduate school visits and interviews
  • Researching funding sources
Sonia Gordillo

Sonia Gordillo

Julia Morrill

Julia Morrill

Jenni VanWyk

Jenni Van Wyk

Megan Weiler

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Declaring a Professional Objective
Declaring a professional objective (medicine, pharmacy, etc.) lets us know that you’re interested in a health career so that we can reach out to you with pre-health specific announcements and updates. This does not show up on your transcript or require additional coursework for graduation. 
  • Login to DuckWeb and select “Student Menu” 
  • Within the “Student Menu,” choose “Update General Student Information.” 
  • Use the drop-down menu next to “Professional Objective” to make changes.

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Interested in Post-Baccalaureate Study?

Enrolling in undergraduate courses after completing a baccalaureate degree is an attractive option for many students pursuing health careers. Some post-bac students may want to enhance their applications for graduate schools, while others may be interested in changing career paths. Post-bac study allows students to:

  • Repeat courses to improve grades
  • Complete prerequisite courses
  • Earn a second bachelor’s degree

At UO, post-bac students preparing for advanced studies in health fields do not have special admissions requirements, follow a prescribed curriculum, or earn a certificate. Rather, they apply for general post-bac undergraduate admission and choose from the wide array of courses and opportunities UO provides to develop their own individualized plan of study. Individualized, however, does not mean without guidance. Health Professions Program Advisors are available to help prospective and current post-bac students make decisions that move them closer to achieving their academic and career goals. To schedule an appointment, please follow the instructions here. In addition to advising, the Health Professions Program provides workshopsclasses, and events for students interested in pursuing health careers. For information about the UO admissions process, residency status, and funding resources, see the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Visit our post-bac FAQ page for more info.